a god has roughly sprouted

through my garden roughly
a god has sprouted you -
for growing, yes, and budding more
than I have thus far seen.

what something shall I call you,
rap-scallion the names,
to christen now or wait ’til bloom,
full knowledge of you claim.

a window sill to rest upon,
our kindred leave to earth,
a season more to let our chaff
fall separated truth.

a god has roughly sprouted
your shoot before my eye,
a root to bare or let it be
until our time draws nigh.


Moriah Birches

Moriah Birches








“The presence of paper birches…requires abundant light, such as occurs in an opening created by fire or an extensive blowdown of [other] trees, in order to establish and grow.”
- New England Forests Through Time.

this flash of light will cost you something,
shard against your skin in time,
coming through the crowded waiting,
huddled musings as you by

course to open some in wonder,
others caution open sky,
yet the standing cannot hold you,
time nor keep you still, though try

but this day, this hour silver,
lifting ash-blown into light,
beyond paper word reflecting,
brighten into my own sight.


crossing your trace come the frozen pathway,
let close and pressed through the snow into ice,
cutting the crust of the daybreak remaining,
I make my way through the bare-covered white

hurrying quick to a red-coded morning,
footprints departing our path into light,
I brush past your early-warning signal,
wond’ring brief your escape from my sight.

“Here breathe yet dragons” quick flashes a warning,
iced-over rind betraying the fight,
Lazarus rising before his maker,
un-frozen pulsing out-pacing his life.

“I don’t need you, birdfoot!” I shout, “nor your lighting,”
turning my eye from his springing flight,
ridge run and God-spurred the path before us,
no one needs you, birdfoot, here more than do I.

“The word is very near to you”

“The word is very near to you…”

(Deuteronomy 30:14)

To listen the Word you first must hear,
beyond the rising of the sea,
across the burning of the sky,
tender the people’s lost, and found.

To speak the Word, you must in courage
let it speak within your heart,
set it forth from where you are,
trust your hearers’ need to hear.

To let the Word stir, you first need see
its seed is planted among us already,
it starts from where we are in our lives,
it grows with the tending, so let us begin.

The Word is very near to you.

Thanks be to God
the word given us bear.


In honor and memory of those seeking to teach God’s Word.

In and through







Let me light enough within, God,
your love carry to and through.

Let me shade enough to shelter
these you ask me, giving to.

Let me warmth enough to nourish
word you stir inside my days.

Let me courage come your waking,
let me strength inside this dream.

Let me pass your deeping darkness,
Spirit lead me in and through.

Let your light, God, in my living,
as I am called unto you.


“In and through” by William B. Jones, Lent 2014
(Christmas Cactus photo courtesy of Phil Robinette, OFM)