angling light










“angling light”

angled light I curve today,
come upon this rising stream,
praying God your steady hand,
light as first I wintered here.

current flooding, surface swirl,
seeking love to will again,
letting settle, stir within,
come to find you as I am.

angle light the crossing make,
moonrise leading into night,
asking God instill the day,
course my love, my way, my sight.



Someone who knows more
your story than you,

someone once there,
God-tale beginning.

Some mother, some cousin,
some mentor delighting,

Spirit dropt down,
long river swooping.



poem for the inner heart









flow me yours in after-grace,
arcing down a bidden road,
common man to pass this gate,
smile, undo a lightened load


set a table praying us,
hearthstone waiting warmth within,
light a wick to candle dusk,
stirring breath to song again.


wisdom ready inner heart,
freedom climbing as we rise,
spirit brush as at the start,
grace to delve us in our lives


flagstone come our crossing to,
bridge to span dissolving time,
joy the path returning you,
reach us God, our healing line.