a mercy







d.n.r. signed, ambulance idling bay,
wedding band squeezing near-gold into white,
praying God fold him your peace on the way,
night-flight completing as dawn breaks to light.

(owl triptych 2)

the owl is risen







the owl is rising,
he wings his way onward

he came for a season,
he stayed us the day.

he landed the chenier,
he fished deep the bayou

he rises the prairie,
allons us away.


(owl triptych 3 – composed to the tune of “The Bard Of Armagh”)

grand cove

Mississippi River Barges at New Orleans











dealing cards unseen with Pom-Paw today,
casting rod spinning invisible throw,

mom hits the rounds of the floor yet again,
praying an answer from someone, somehow,

who, what, and, most of all, how next to fathom
where this slow-churning vessel is bound.

coffee and no sleep and heat seeping room,
hospitalist veering the long way around,

barges turn sure their bend in the river,
fog-bound meandering deep-running sound.

(owl triptych 1)

a scrim of clouds (the sparrow pray)


“Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself,
where she may lay her young, near your altars…” – Psalm 84:3

a scrim of clouds your crossing shade,
a boldened love to dare the way,
a world to brave enough the day,
a stranger come, a heart awake.

a threshold reaching step to make,
a turning in our soul to trace,
a god eureka lifting praise,
a calling meet, a courage stay.

a sacrifice of days to grace,
a cross to empty, giving made,
a temple for the sparrow pray,
a cup to pour, a faith to raise.


(for those seeking sanctuary in houses of faith
and refuge from those pledging to live under God.)

“Who splits the stone…”

“I say to you that from these stones  God is able to raise up children to Abraham.”         - Jesus (Luke 3:8, NASB)

“I say to you that from these stones
God is able to raise up
children to Abraham.”
- Jesus (Luke 3:8, NASB)









who laughs in light
who stumbled moans
who pledged in youth
who mired in woe

who doubled down
who bore it through
who emptied out
who wounded flew

who reached to lift
who freed in faith
who prayed by heart
who facing raised

who split the stone
who feathered day
who calls by name
who paths a way

who breathes into
who stirs awake,
who risks in love
who rivers grace.