exodus (first person)

what do I yield,
fulfilling this now?
what cloud move through
to see where you are?
how will you keep,
and what voice bring,
your charis
in me.

“They appeared in glory &
were speaking of Jesus’ exodus
which he was to fulfill…”
-Luke 9:31.

(Transfiguration Sunday.)

as when

as when


as when folding out you dream us,
as when setting forth you bring,
as when drawing on you meet us,
as when leaning into need.
as when taking up you lead us,
as when daring into more,
as when into next you breathe us,
as when spanning ridge to shore.
as when standing point you call us,
as when crossing vantage gain,
as when echoing you pray us,
as when blessing love remain.


Nianatic Bay photo courtesy of Lee Ireland.



a man whose son
fathoms neither stitching
nor cobbling of soles,

how lasts hold form,
eyelets cord,
uppers footing,

but races flagstone
fledgling sighted, testing edges,
hunger gathered,

slipping shoes
his father nailing,
piercing awl on striking anvil,

praying small heart peace in struggle,
you who bring world
child and bearer,

cobble night
into tomorrow.


Malachi 4:6


interior ranges


places not
so much explored
as guided, led to,
wondered, yours,

falls and yes,
the hikes toward,
skating floe
and burrowed warm.

as if we had
been wired drawn,
seeking, lowing
under berm.

as if we
had always, God,
your smile, your yes,
your rooting for.


climbing cloud

stirring nudge to wake the day,
fog the ridge you wake us to,
spirit brace us base camp on,
rod and staff to lead us through.

stretch to lend us rope and sling,
double-length your reach to stay,
grasping full your hand entwine,
holding fast to lessen sway.

contour walking as we go,
danger patch provision take,
hut to hut you meet us here,
come to rest the rise we make.

’til we top the treetops bare,
tundra underfoot and shroud,
bay of islands trace below,
breathing free your mountain cloud.


measure by night


and when the moth does not draw down,
ceiling-coiled to our flame,

but flies instead from branch to night,
open sky to deeper light,

darkness pray our gaze unbind,
gather full within your sight.


“Even the darkness is not too dark for Thee,
But the night shineth as the day.”

– Psalm 139.12 (JPS)

Epiphany, 2016