Actual you

All she wanted
was you with her,
flesh and blood,
your actual you.

No more waiting
heaven to come,
no more praying
help her through.

Wake and rise
and be here now;
Jesus aren’t we
friends of you?

All she wanted
echo yearning,
“God be with you,”
and you too.


first person

God was met on the mountain
not in the rock-fall, nor in the fire,
but afterward, in a still, small whisper . . . (1 Kings 19:11-12)

am I
or am I not
on the mountain?

do you
or do you not
carry free.

can I
or can I not
breathe inside you?

will you
or will you not
whisper me.


Pentecost, 2015

bayou la mer

Bayou La Mer








“bayou la mer”

scent telling home like nothing else does,
bridge deeping waters, cleft memory,

spanning the newt the crossing he makes,
rain dripping moss on cypress knee.