fire comes



fire comes
(we pretend not to know)

winds shift
(we pretend not to feel)

haze grows
(we pretend not to fear),

light of stars
folding to night

until you arc,
remind we are yours,

our strength,

our breath,

our life.


+ + +


And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire:

and after the fire a still small voice.

1 Kings 19:12


+ + +


breathe into this heart of wood,
promise springing full begun,
drawing closer as you play,
fingers dancing keys undone.

notch to rise and sapling seed,
rhythm telling hearts unbound,
note for note the urging made,
brilliant darkness spinning round.

lift the evening as you go,
nod to lead us into night,
turn inside your open chord,
twine again our storied life.

wood to brass and reed in time
swirling join heart to hand,
age to age the crossing made,
spirit bridging ocean span.


on the Daraja (“bridge”) Wind Ensemble playing above the notch, Gorham, N.H., Pentecost, 2016.

light on branch



Jesus prayed:

Abba, Holy God,

protect those you have given me

with your Name…

I pray also for those

who will believe in me through their message,

that all may be one,

as you, Abba, are in me and I in you;

I pray that they may be one in us

so that the world may believe that you sent me.”


-John 16:11, 20-21 (Inclusive N.T.)



"...that your generations may know that I made the children of Israel live in the brilliant cloud of the Shekinah." Targum Neofiti, on Leviticus 23:43.
“…that your generations may know that I made the children of Israel live in the brilliant cloud of the Shekinah.” Targum Neofiti, on Leviticus 23:43 (cf Luke 9:34).


to gather as
before to light,

to wake again
to name aright,

to walk us yours,
this brilliant night.


who do not grasp yet pray

winter flow
When he had finished speaking these words,
Jesus led his disciples across the winter-flowing valley…
– John 18:1


who do not know
the heart as God,

who hold within
your crossing home,

who deep inside
you winter flow,

who cannot grasp
yet pray you on.



broken arrow (longing home)

In Rome, he knows, only spears will do;
daggers (at least) issued each one,
citizens gear to stay rebellion,
brigands terrorizing their land.

Fools, these Christ-ones “shalom” praying,
table stretching branch cut young,
something like compassion waking,
something like or asking home.

And when he saw him he had compassion, and ran toward him…
– Luke 15:20 (cf 7:13, 10:33)



almost famous

“hey! you’re William Jones?!”
“you helped plan the clergy retreat last year…”
“but, I didn’t know you were William Jones!”
“no – I mean, you are the William Jones Maren knows?”
“well, that’s who helped lead the retreat.”
“right! so, you’re William Jones?”
“I mean, you’re touch holiness William Jones?
you’re before the amen William Jones?”
“ah! yes, well, Touch Holiness was before I was writing,
but I am the William Jones in Before the Amen.”
“you’re William B. Jones! I had no idea!
I mean, I knew you were William Jones,
but I didn’t know you were William B. Jones!”
“yes. I am THE William Jones!”