“riven” < 13th c. Norse, to split (wood) radially from a log.

are others riven
as much as this?
turning how
and who and which

come river thread,
some one who ought;
the way ahead,
a bend we missed?

or you, in simple,
smiling step,
a way to keep,
the log to split,

these rings of growth
in you to see,
love this way next,
and this way free.



this day,
this place,
this you from us,

from a to b,
from here to there,

from alpha to
beyond in G*d.

“guarantor” the word they use
(as if a single thing I could),

beyond the one thing
given free,

one thing prayed
for you of me,

one thing asked,
the life you need.


under sky and shepherd

under ceiling
we click and righteous,
fox and scramble,
stumble and hide

while low above
you slow and murmur,
gift and widen,
voice en-glide

days to count
the full up open,
months, years weeks
the trace inside

plain enfield
the rising season,
lifting tend
the fold beside

step no small sea


walk no sea held still for me,

glimmer-glass a mirrored sky,

step-stones gliding scant beneath,

tender reach to lift me by


but this, your torrent plunging deep,

promontory crumbling,

ripping names from those we keep,

vertigo the edge we cling


reach again to twin the day,

wind into the brambling,

full against your sun on face,

weep, unleash our lessening.





“Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
in whose heart the way lifts up.”
– Psalm 84:5


what in this takes me to you?
what in this leads on toward?
what in this seeks bridging to,
what in this says step, then two.

how on-rushing you today,
no matter our wanting grid.
how your longing witness here,
no matter our seeking naught.

you, the one who flows us on,
how this carrying so sure.
you, the promising of day,
you, our refuge holding sight.

as if we could open prayer.
as if we could come to light.
bridge me G*d your heart into,
lead me G*d your welling night.