cool the floor below her lifting,

bracing chill beneath her toes,

just another moment’s rising

’til she gains the blessing go,

more to bridge their courage coming,

word to bear and love to grow,

Spirit hear and take its telling,

all she needs to let them know.

– Luke 1.26-56


how from here

how from here
we made it through,
Herod seizing
all the children,
caging minds
and hearts ungluing,

circling the
hapless people,
blessing all the harm
while dewing,
his silver mirror,

all the blustering
all the blaming
every other,
all the mothers
empty arming,

the stolen childen,
unemptied buildings,
seeking gain
from every hurting,

seizing all
the time and urging
how to posture,
how to weep it,
how to Romans
against Jesus.

how until
we make it over,
how until
the waters crossing,
how til Pharoah
again loses.

Come again
into our senses,
yours in need,
your pleas to reach us,
act as if
we even see you,

act as if
we are too human,
act as if
we even matter.
Come again Lord,

wake us to our
sister, brother.


The darkness is not darkness in you…
for you created my inmost being,
you wove me together in my mother’s womb.
– Psalm 139:12-13

come into your own in God,
morning rising into rain,
sun to welcome into day,
starting unfold full into.

dancing wind and swaying breeze,
not alone we hear you sing,
you and spirit rooting free,
folding out of keep and green.

opening yourself to love,
flowing into open way,
womb to let you full in pride,
courage warming safe inside.

garden join stem and rise,
lifting true in bluing sky,
winnow smile and shoulder lean,
two and one a greater reach.

who can say they know the night
or the dew you glisten by?
bless the strengthening you make,
pray the deeping given wake.



as you upwell
and outward go,
settling your
run beside,

how do we
your river flow,
on or back
or alongside?

you, the one
who self alone,
you, the one
who always on,
you the one
who last holds close,
you the one
who God belongs.

and me, myself,
a world to know,
how your flooding
to survive,
how your coming
yet arrive.

“Keep your heart, the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

“Lord of Light and Day”


“Lord of Light and Day” (morning hymn)

As night shade ebbs to blue around
and day-glint enters in,
our heart we bring to you, O God,
your power welcoming.

That you in mercy draw away
our illness, granting health,
to strengthen us in love and life,
your healing keep us well.

So bless us by your grace, O God,
and your eternal birth,
your Spirit pouring comfort forth,
your glory filling earth.



“Ecce Iam Noctis,” attributed to Gregory the Great, 540-604,
English adaptation William B. Jones, Trinity Sunday, 2018.