A Still Point…

View from Saint Mary's City Old Statehouse (Trisha Coghlan watercolor © 2010, tcoghlan@rocketmail.com)


View of Chesapeake headwaters from Old Statehouse, Saint Mary’s City

And from a particular setting, too — the campus and environs of Saint Mary’s  College, Maryland, on a poetry and faith retreat.  Warm.  Inviting.  At the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay.  With crabcakes and lightning over the water come evening.  What a beginning!


4 thoughts on “A Still Point…

  1. Dear Bill,
    what a gorgeous website you have created! I am grateful to have my watercolor here on it.
    I really enjoy reading your poetry.
    Best wishes and may you be continually blessed and creatively inspired!

  2. Thanks for this Trisha — I have my copy on my prayer-table, and remember gladly how the light was at the old city hall of St. Mary’s City – you’ve captured the beauty of it so well!

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