God’s Adventure


“God’s Adventure” (Advent Hymn)
(may be sung to “Jerusalem, My Happy Home”)

The Light of Hope is streaming us,
God’s dream to en-ter in,
Your way a-wak-en come daily turn,
your lov-ing as we spin.

The Light of Peace comes pro-mis-ing
re-lease in deep-est fear,
To keep our hearts, pre-pare us live
Christ’s love, both far and near.

The Light of Joy is tuning us
to sing our hearts in You,
In seek-ing, to draw near your word,
in an-swer-ing, ring true.

The Light of Love pray an-chor, God,
your steadfast care in us,
That least and poor-est in You may meet,
in your feast, wise and just.

The Light of Christ is break-ing in,
God’s ad-vent-ure now come,
Be-friend-ing lost and found a-like,
our jour-ney now be-gun.

“God’s Adventure” copyright William B. Jones, 2010, 2015.
May be used in worship with copyright notice.


Here is a simple, rolling hymn which follows the “Hope-Peace-Joy-Love-Christ Candle” lighting sequence many use at Advent. It came into being as I sought to “translate” (carry over) into song-form a series of poems a friend and colleague in ministry, Anna Shirey, shared during Advent one year.

Another hymn also resulted from this liturgical exchange, set to “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.” It’s lyric is posted with a Christmas Eve video of “God’s Surprise.”



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