God’s Surprise

Here is a Christmas Eve video of “God’s Surprise,” an Advent-themed song whose verses moves through Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to the healing presence of Christ. (Dawn Giddings, vocal; Dave Toot, guitar. December 24, 2010. Closed caption.)


“God’s Surprise” (Million Fireflies)
May be sung to the tune of “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.”

1) Hope for that which is not seen yet,
promise dimmed in fading of light.

Praying Who in present evil
for our drowning souls will provide.

Come to train our hearts, to lift us up from fear,
our Creator’s dream alive.


2) Peace to light our waking journey,
opening to God’s wider truth.

Shalom find in all our giving,
even as we’ve been given to.

Blessing on the way, releasing lesser claims,
called to make our home in You.


3) Joy like the shepherds quaking,
startled by the angels on high,

Million fireflies hillside rising,
chasing back the darkness of night.

Doorway follow through, the angel song to trace,
daring us to meet God’s surprise.


4) Love in deepest night now turning,
starlight leading on without sound.

Souls astir, the dream awakened,
poorest and the least freed, unbound.

Light unstoppable, we find our way in You,
come to hallowed manger ground.


5) Christ, beyond full comprehension,
mystery, yet present in feast.

Healing power of Spirit grace us,
meeting this world’s need with God’s peace.

Called along your way, no matter where we are,
in your love our setting free.


Lyric copyright 2010, William B. Jones.
May be used in worship with copyright notice

Both “God’s Surprise” and God’s Adventure draw on imagery from a series of Advent poems by a friend and colleague in ministry, Anna Shirey.



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