Walking the Water

Like Wile E. Coyote run off a cliff and hanging in mid-air until he realizes nothing is beneath him, in Matthew’s gospel Peter has faith enough to walk out on the water for a bit — enough to make a beginning, at least. “Walking the Water” invites us out onto the water with Christ, and on to the other side among those gathered for healing there.

As we prepared for worship this week I found myself humming a refrain I knew, but whose opening words I could not quite recall (a problem for those of us who must look up hymns indexed by “first line” instead of tune!). Though the church organist knows most tunes by hum, this was an original one by me, and she was teaching at college that day anyway. Thankfully the church secretary, who tracks many things faithfully, located the hymn in a 2005 file on our “old” church computer. (That would be two lectionary cycles from Matthew ago now, readings from that gospel having been followed in 2008 as well.)

It’s a catchy enough tune (though I’m not sure I have scripted it entire accurately), and the words cover the ground (or water, I should say) well enough to “include us in,” I hope, as Jesus heads off into a storm and Peter follows out after him (literally) across the lake.

View “Walking the Water” Hymn

Here the song is preserved in “B+” quality pdf file — perhaps by the time Matthew comes around again, I’ll have it in sharper focus. If not, the “grace notes” added by the organist in real time during worship will help carry us over the water again, what and wherever Christ may call us to next.


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