“God Believes in You”

“God Believes in You!”

When singer-songwriter Pierce Pettis made his debut performance in a nearby coffee house recently, I was delighted to be in attendance. A writer friend notified me of his plans to be in the area, but other than the fact that gospel singer Susan Ashton had covered a song of his, “You Move Me” (which, it turns out, Garth Brooks also recorded — shifting Pierce from “paying rent to paying a mortgage,” as he wryly noted in concert), I didn’t really know his work. So I turned to his website and found a discography with the lyrics of several of this guitarist/composer’s songs, including one entitled “God Believes in You.”

It’s a clever twist on the age-old question, “does God exist?” Beginning instead with “when you start to doubt if you exist,” his refrain reassures the questioner, that’s o.k: for “God believes in you!”

“Confounded by the evidence?

God believes in you.

When your chances seem so slim,
when your light burns so dim
and you swear you don’t believe in him,

God believes in you.”


(lyrics copyright Pierce Pettis)


I’ll let you go on to sleuth-out the rest of the lyrics and, go ahead, spend a whole $0.99 to download the song itself. I think you will find yourself drawn to yet more music by a person of faith who is, like most of us, drawn to the beauty of life lived in this world and yet painfully aware of its complexities too. In a world of broken debtors and freed prisoners, forgotten promises and unforgotten loves, oversized egos and under-committed Christians-in-the-mirror — “God [still] believes in you.”


There is more at play here than just a clever play on words, of course. Think what it would mean to hear these words spoken in refrain to you, when you need a word of hope, of encouragement, of reminder that you matter. “God believes in you.” To pick up, dust off, raise up another, even, with “God believes in you.”


It’s a pretty basic statement of faith. And maybe one we don’t hear or say enough of, even in church. Certainly not in the world.


Maybe we can make a morning reminder prayer of it’s basic refrain:

God believes in you
And breathes me into life today.

God believes in you
And gathers us as Jesus’ friends.

God believes in you
And leads in love to show the way.

God believes in you.
And gifts the world his grace again.

(words in italics added, Bill Jones, June, 2010)


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