All Christ’s Blessings (Easter)


Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection.

I appreciate Denise Levertov’s co-mingling of Jesus’ crucifixion and incarnation in her poem “On the Mystery of the Incarnation.” Folding his ending back to beginning, she names God’s giving of the Word in Christ’s birth as that which overcomes the end “our kind” gave him. In doing so she does not let the cross of Good Friday have the last word. Neither does she deny what the gospels make clear: The first gift of God in Jesus is his presence on earth; not “Christ crucified,” nor Easter’s resurrection, but God with us, “Immanuel.”

Original blessing. Human bruising. God’s uplifting.

These we may experience with Christ too. Sometimes we even come to name them. In not severing one from the next, but in recognizing the arc of human experience that we share with Christ, we may find God’s healing not so distant either. I want to wave the palms of joy for Jesus coming to lead us on. I need to know someone else has been lifted from the cross of following Christ too. I give thanks the stone has been rolled back from the tomb.  Beyond the worst our kind can do, may we wake to “Day One” too.








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