Guilt, Grief and Grace

Guilt, Grief, and the Gift of Grace

In Mending the Heart, pastor John Claypool suggests
“the wound of grievance comes from our suffering at the hands of others,
we are pierced by guilt when we inflict pain in return,
and we suffer grief when we are hurt by loss.”

He adds, “these wounds can eventually be healed through the gifts of insight, forgiveness, and gratitude.” Wounds and gifts alike occur in our selves and our relationships.

As Jesus’ early disciples advanced with him toward his crucifixion, the threat of their dispersal was real. Something happened on his lifting up, however, that enabled them to live beyond the guilt, grief, and grievance they’d experienced. Some combination of insight, forgiveness and gratitude imparted as the Spirit called them on.

Insight into God’s expectation of them led to awareness of true life in Christ, beyond a mixture of guilt, grief and grievance they might have clung to as false prize instead. May Christ’s gift en-courage us each this season, that the world come to know God’s grace anew.

— William B. Jones (March 2012)








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