let fall


As mid-week song and prayer moved through a light-filled sanctuary, Christian clergy broke bread and poured wine at one table, while their Buddhist guests filled in patterns representing their understanding of the cosmos at another. The sand-mandala thus fashioned was slated to be washed into the river at week’s end. The invitation to join in Communion remains with me today.

“let fall”

there is in this a moment held
I cannot say but breathe, a filling in
of patterning to carry into free.

there is in this a light to trace
of sand and grain on sky, a letting fall
of kindred grace to compass more than I.

there is in this a pouring forth
a witness swirling made, of spirit given
onto tongue, of pure land given wake.


(“let fall” by William B. Jones, Week of Pentecost, 2013,
at Immanuel Baptist Church, Rochester, NY)



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