boy in the moon










Aubrey, lessened to this world,
half a century gathered in
from the gulf we grew up on,
yours the black beach, muddy grass,
ours the white beach glinting sand,

mine the side we thought safe live,
middle school a new thing born,
trying mix what those before
said God’s creatures knew not blend;
reaching beyond our own kind.

daring come to play as friends,
past the hedges, racing lawn,
bussed over our side of town,
before flags unfurled again,
“heritage” its pride to claim.

What this crossing, leaving from?
how your tumor coming seized
you before our Ferguson,
teacher daily roughing hard,
yardstick lashing until wept.

Aubrey fading, going fast,
dying yourself to our world
back when Neil took to the moon,
sudden leaving, hidden flight,
seventh grade nor life returned.

Aubrey, lifted long ago,
still I pray your dream of us,
crossing lakeside, smiling shore,
hold a place your friend to grey,
Aubrey, staying God’s side play.


for Aubrey, where God already is, with thanks to V.T.


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