crossing over

Prairie crossing, dusk.
Prairie crossing, dusk.

and find myself in leaving after
still enough your giving round,

held within your dream of crossing,
gravity sufficient bound.

dusk you keep as if to steady,
night to meet our going on,

you who left to once be over,
you who stay to reach beyond.

what this leaning into living?
what this waking here to see,

prairie flowing into mountain,
blessing emptying to sea.

you, the sifting and the carry,
you the deepening of sight,

no one leaving not arriving,
no one dying not alive.

(closing line after City of God XIII, ix. )



One thought on “crossing over

  1. Bill: Very powerful! I don’t think I know anyone else brave enough to be reading “City of God” here in in the postmodern twilight of the 21st century! I’ve sampled a number of your poems and find them to be quite strong — refreshing if syntactically challenging (one might say in the manner of Cummings). Whom do you enjoy reading? Have you published much? Do you know the Merton Seasonal? I think they might like some of your poems. I’ve had some success with them. Happy to correspond further on Facebook or via email.


    Tom Orr

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